The African Vision and Eye Health (AVEH) journal publishes original peer-reviewed papers of scientific and clinical research in optometry, ophthalmology, vision science and other related fields.

Original Research

Comparing the validity of an online Ishihara colour vision test to the traditional Ishihara handbook in a South African university population  
Diane van Staden, Osman Aboobaker, Fatima Noor Mahomed, Sershni Govender, Lunga Lengisi, Benita Singh
21 February 2018

Review Article

A review of visual impairment  
Shivani Naipal, Nishanee Rampersad
26 January 2018

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
20 December 2017

Original Research

Loss of amplitude of accommodation in pre-presbyopic HIV and AIDS patients under treatment with antiretrovirals  
Solani D. Mathebula, Prisilla S. Makunyane
01 December 2017

Original Research

Improving eye health using a child-to-child approach in Bariadi, Tanzania  
Ving F. Chan, Hasan Minto, Eden Mashayo, Kovin S. Naidoo
23 November 2017