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Review Article

Pathophysiology of dry eye disease and novel therapeutic agents  
Solani D. Mathebula, Lerato Mmusi-Landela
12 June 2024

Original Research

Cost of cataract surgery at a provincial hospital in South Africa  
Saajida Mahomed, Thilendran Nadasan, Ozayr H. Mahomed
30 May 2024

Original Research

A comparison of rebound and applanation tonometry in children with and without primary congenital glaucoma  
Hester Kruger, Naseer Ally, Natasha Naidu, Ismail Mayet
28 May 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 82, No 1 (2023)  
Editorial Office
27 May 2024

Original Research

Adopting the World Health Organization’s eye care competency framework in Saudi healthcare system  
Mosaad Alhassan, Ali Almustanyir, Alia Almoajel
27 May 2024

Original Research

Impact of spectacle wear on the quality of life of learners with hearing impairment in Ghana  
Michael A. Kwarteng, Khathutshelo P. Mashige, Samuel Kyei, Pirindhavellie Govender-Poonsamy, Daniel S.Q. Dogbe
23 May 2024

Original Research

Clinical characteristics and associated factors of diabetic retinopathy in Sudanese patients  
Nuha M. Muhjoub, Saif H. Alrasheed, Yazan Gammoh, Abdelaziz M. Elmadina
23 May 2024

Original Research

Keratoconus in the West Region of Cameroon: Stakeholder knowledge and management  
Enowntai N. Ayukotang, Vanessa R. Moodley, Khathutshelo P. Mashige
21 May 2024

Original Research

Refractive error accuracy and user perceptions of a smartphone home-based tester  
Lungile M. Buthelezi, Tsatsawani N. Hlungwani, Gcinile P. Mbuli, S’bahle S. Mthembu, Pallo Nteke, Thuli Sindane, Siyathemba A. Skam
10 May 2024

Original Research

Evaluation of convergence, accommodation and fusional vergence in pre-presbyopes with asthenopia  
Saif H. Alrasheed, Saeed Aljohani
16 April 2024
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